Thursday, 22 April 2010

Photos in my website

This photo was taken at a farm where homeless dogs are kept. This dog looks quite lost and upset. I used this photo to make people feel sorry for the dog and want to donate to the charity.

This was a photo of my partners puppy when she was first born, at the farm. The puppies are really young and look very cute and cuddly, this photo will attract all dog lovers, especially children.

This was also taken at the farm where homeless dogs are kept, called Foal Farm. This dog looks playful and energetic, although because it is tied to the tree it makes the dog seem trapped. This will make people want to help him.

This is a photo of my partners dog, taken in his kitchen. The dog is looking straight into the camera, which looks like she is looking at the audience, her head is also tilted making her seem even more cute.

This is my friends dog, taken in their house. This puppy is a very small, cute puppy and she is also looking straight at the audience, this will make the audience feel sorry for the puppy as the puppy eyes are looking at them, wanting to be loved.

This is my partners dog, taken in his house. In this photo the dog is in a very cute position, her paw is out towards the camera, making it seem its reaching out towards the audience. This dog is also looking directly at the audience, this photo will attract the audiences attention as it looks cutes and venerable.

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