Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Planning feedback:

Hi Becky,

You need to organise your blog into an Evaluation Section and a Planning section - it's a bit confusing. Can you put all the planning posts first and the evaluation last - I can show you how to do this - just ask.

You're at a pretty low mark at the moment for planning because it's just not evident that you planned well - even though you probably did. You need to:

1. Put all the audience research together with a note on your findings. You must then define your audience alongside the survey etc- who are they?
2. Upload your website planning sketches (ESSENTIAL)
3.. Upload your photos in a slideshow or individually with a note on where they were taken and what message you hoped to send to the audience through the photos.
4. Complete your industry research on hosting and domain names.

By Friday thank you.

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